Specialized pedagogy

Specialized pedagogy

I studied Teaching and saw that I wanted to specialize in people who had a deficiency, more in particular, a sensorial deficiency (deaf people).

Studying music and at the same time studying pedagogy for the deaf seems like a contradiction. But people not being able to hear music is precisely why I decided to go down that road.

I worked nine years in the Institut Català de Sords (Catalan Deaf Institute) as a teacher-speech therapist.

Out of this experience came a didactic movie and a report about the application of music in the learning to speak of a deaf boy, which we presented to the Congress of educators of auditory deficient people.

Afterwards I got in the Centre Municipal Fonoaudiològic as a teacher, where I worked for seven years.

I lived in Zagreb for a month to learn the Suvag Centre method, which is used for the re-education of deaf people.

The experience of working with deaf people has enriched me both professionally and personally.