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A minor instrument, the oboe. A small country, Catalunya. To investigate, to learn, and to spread knowledge is almost an obligation for a Catalan musician. 

In February of 1988 we did our first concert as a duo in the “Fundación Juan March de Madrid”. Luckily the repertoire for oboe and piano is numerous and diverse. Even so, we have always wanted works of Catalan composers in our concerts. Little by little we have found and interpreted some unedited works of the XVIII and XIX century, and we have also played some works that current composers have dedicated us.

A chamber cantata with "obligatto" oboe by the composer Emmanuel Gònima (1712 – 1792), a diversity of works for oboe and piano by Pere Soler I Soler, (1810 – 1850) born the same year as Schumann and Chopin, and one of the best oboist in the history of this instrument, a small but beautiful work of Carles Grassi (1818 – 1886), a fantastic sonata for oboe and piano by Albert Guinovart, and two very interesting works by Xavier Boliart and Manuel Garcia Morante.

On the other hand, we have played works of Catalan composers such as Sonata in do minor, by the Pla brothers (XVIII century) and the Sonata in la minor by Lluís Misón (c1720 – 1776).

In any casa, the best “concert” we’ve one is, without a doubt, is the recording of the CD called “L’oboè Romàntic” (The Romantic Oboe), edited by Euroconcert and distributed by Harmonia Mundi, which has received the best national and international reviews in the music and in the professional reviewers world. This has stimulated us to do another recording which we hope will come out very soon.