The Conservatori de Música de Barcelona has always had something special for me, first as a student, and then as a teacher. From the outside it looks like a medieval castle and it’s five minutes from where I was born.

Although I finished my studies in Amsterdam and in Basilea, I obtaining to the Conservatory my Superior Diploma in Oboe.

In 1986 I started to give classes and in 1991, after wining the copetition, I obtained a job as a main teacher.

I have been invited in many occasions to give courses around the country, but there are some places I would specially like to mention:

It’s difficult to find a city in Catalunya which has such a musical tradition as Amposta. With two Music Bans, every year they organize formation courses with world-wide known teachers. I have participated as an oboe teacher in many occasions. One of the best students I had in the Conservatory came from this city.

In 1996 I was invited by the Basque government to give a course in Durango about oboe pedagogy, addressed to teachers of this instrument in schools and in the conservatories all around the Basque Country.