At the concert for oboe and orchestra, more than one of Josep Julia’s phrases – What the hell!!! – made us think that all concerts have very nice things; especially when sensuality and a warm comprehension for the secrets of musical sensibility overflow the impeccable and rigorous technique.

Jordi Llovet. JOURNAL: La Vanguardia 1988

What a mature interpretation. The oboe was just like another register, singing melodies with scientific rigour and the best phrasing.

One detail: the organ can prolong the note without flagging, but the control that Josep Julià has on the fiato is admirable, it seems as if he has no necessity to take in air, and he does it in places that you don’t notice.

Sometimes we didn’t know that Josep Julia’s notes had started because of the sound similarity and because of such a sweet attack. His melancholic music transported us to emotionality. Melodies without words, the soloist’s expressivity was enough…

Pere Bañón. JOURNAL:El 9 Nou, 1993
The oboist Josep Julià left evidence of the splendid task he is doing in his interpretations next to Montserrat Torrent. The understanding and the companitration between the two is excellent, highlighting Josep Julià’s transparency in the sound and the perfect bell that he gets out of the instrument. Both Catalan Masters offered us a magnificent concert.
Miguel A. Nempoberno. JOURNAL:Diario de León 1992

The second evening was staged by Montserrat Torrent doing amazing melodies with the organ of Sant Felip Neri, in perfect understanding with the oboist Josep Julià…

X.Casanovas Danes. JOURNAL AVUI 1994

The impeccable and inspired version of Josep Julià appears as the most sensitive tube that forms the whole with the organ.

His Vivaldi seems unbeatable! Like if it were music that will keep on playing when we wake up in the beyond…

Jordi Maluquer. Magazine: El Ciervo 1998

Josep Julia contributes to the happy outcome with a full sound and phrasing of great sensitivity…

A.B.M. Magazine: Scherzo 1988

We need to especially point out the tonal beauty and the elegant sound that Josep Julià gets out of his instrument.

Joan Vives. Magazine: Revista Muisical Catalana 1998

The companetration between Montserrat Torrent and Josep Julià reaches enviable levels, very rare in other CDs. It is, above all, a love song to music.

Jauma Radigales. Magazine: Serra d´Or 1998

An interpretation in which the highlights are a very elegant expressive sense and a careful phrasing. The sweet sonority that comes out of Josep Julia’s Oboe is marvellously fused with the organ…

Lluís Trullén. Magacine: C.D.Compact 1998
Your CD with the organ is wonderful! Your sound is very pure, expressive, and it touched me a lot…
Omar Zoboli. Personal letter. 1998