The interpretation is superb, and the selection of the works is very interesting...
Alain de Gourdon (F.Lorée) P.L. 1998
I think you have done something very special in your CD. Your way of playing is beautiful and I hear many things in your musicality that remind me of my way of playing. In every note I feel you transmit something, and you also play with the heart. Once again, I would like to congratulate you and I hope you make many more CDs with this quality…
Han de Vries. P.L. 1998
I greatly enjoyed your CD with organ and I could clearly hear the influence of Han de Vries in the way you play. It is very nice to know that your students in Barcelona can learn the Dutch style of playing the oboe.
Paulibe Oostenrijk. International Solist. P.L. 1998
Your CD is fantastic and I have enjoyed a lot listening to it, how I hope my students can enjoy it as much when I let them hear it this weekend…
Sian Vallis.English oboe teacher. P.L.1998
Listening to your CD I was able to appreciate your way of playing and the beauty of your ornaments…
Andre Lardrot. International Solist. P.L.1998
I have been able to enjoy your interpretation and the works you have selected in your CD. I think your way of playing is full of passion and intensity, and with great musical expression…
Terry B. Ewll. President of the Double Reed Society. P.L. 2005
I have in my hands a delicacy: several pieces for oboe, from Josep Julià, including some of Pedro Soler, born in Vidrà in 1810, and considered one of the best oboists in the world.
Isabel-Clara Simó. JOURNAL: AVUI 2005
It doesn’t hurt to emphasize on some certain arguments: in this case on the necessity of certain recordings. In a discography industry where it is more important how many products are in the market than their actual interest, when one focuses in this last aspect, the result is especially satisfactory. And this is the case of this CD by Josep Julià and Josefina Rius in which, based on previous musicological work, one travels through great discoveries. It has a magnificent interpretation of Josep Julià, who is wonderfully accompanied by Josefina Rius.
Jauma Comellas. Magazine:Revista Musical Catalana 2005
We are pleased to welcome Josep Julià, Catalan oboist, to our magazine. His CD, “L’oboè romàntic”, is a good opportunity to discover the talent and the sensitivity of a Catalan artist, with the complicity in the piano of Josefina Rius.
Pat Stihlé. Magazine: Association Fraçaise du Hautbois.2005
I have finally found the needed time to listen to your CD: I liked it so much!!! Josefina’s great presence, discretion and sensitivity, and your beautiful sound and phrasing, Josep, really touched me. Your understanding as a duo is perfect, and you can tell you have done great work…
Omar Zoboli. P.L. 2005