I have really enjoyed listening to your CD: interpretation, sound, and musicality. I’m proud of having made your oboe…
Alain de Gourdon (F.Lorée) P.L.2005
Listening to your CD with piano I was impressed and commoved, and I would like to tell you what I think: the sound of the oboe is perfect, the low register is warm and wonderfully in tune. The way of playing is very expressive and noble. It is melancholic and elegant. The way you have of beginning the notes demonstrates great control and perfection. The accompaniment of Josefina is delicate and completely homogenous with your interpretation. Give my love and admiration to your wife for her delicious way of playing…
Han de Vries. P L. 2005
Who wants to learn about the oboe during the Romantic period has to investigate and follow the path of interprets such as Heinz Holliger. This is what this wonderful duo of oboe and piano has done during more than twenty years, obtaining great results. Such an interesting and beautiful repertoire has an enthusiastic and brilliant supporter in this duo, whose sensitivity and musicality is only comparable in their knowledge. A very sincere and enthusiastic “bravo”….
Josep Pascual Magazine C.D.Compact 2006